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Protect Your Home From Burglary With Our Home Security Solutions

Did you know that theft is one of the largest reported crimes in the state? Make sure your home is secure with the help of our experienced locksmiths. One small problem with your keys can become a larger inconvenience if you don’t fix it right away.

Keep your family and valuables safe. Maintain a safer home when you count on our security experts. Call Don's Mobil Lock Shop today!

We Have 45 Years of Experience to Make Your Home a Safer Place

  • Install deadbolt locks
  • Reinforce door frames to protect against forced entry
  • Install high-security locks to protect against picking and bumping
  • Rekey your locks
  • Install peep holes and door scopes
  • Keyless entry locks
Don’t become a statistic. Prevent crime at your property. Call us at 405-329-0508.
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"My Honda Element locks are out of whack. It finally gave out and ate my key. I called Don's and Christopher Segler came out. He was so very nice. He was knowledgeable, kind, and easy going.
He also was telling me to come to the shop and they'll cut me a new key! Such a great experience for such an annoying accident. 
Thanks, Chris!"

Scarlett B., Tacoma, WA
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